About Project

This world is pacing in a new era, fortunately with advancements in the digital life with ‘online classes’ and ‘work from home’ options. To this better tomorrow, our technical and business support services will be a helping hand. Digibytz provides computer and allied hardware and software products at the best prices from renowned brands in the global market.

Our Role:


Digibytz formerly known as SYSCO Systems, they are leading service provider in the filed of multibrand computer sales & service.We also have surveillance cameras for your security. Alongside they provide all kinds of network support. Whatsoever be your need just mention Digibytz and specialists will get that done right away. Not just hardware products, Digibytz serves as a locus for many software products too.

Logo Rebranding

To refresh and modernize the image of an experienced brand. Our client wanting to move with the times, decided that it was necessary to refresh the image of the brand which, despite its rich history, impressive experience and stable market position. We were asked to create a brand and communication strategy that will underpin modern rebranding and a new website.

Logo Concept

When it comes to rebranding our task is to create a solid modern logo and friendly look and feel, to consolidate Digibytz brand in the audience perception. We need to reposition it’s dated identity back to the future, where it belongs.

To represent all this fusion the symbols triangle and bytes build the logo with the meaning of they provide the strong service in the digital industry.by creating a word mark logotype, the brand will be string and remarkable mark that will live for years.

Brand Coloraturas

The youthful and technological communication required a visual identity that corresponded to its positioning, strategy and concepts. Movement, fluidity and contrast were represented in a distinct visual identity, mixing minimalism with more technological styles.

Brand Typography

The typography has details that make the brand memorable in its use and applications.

Website Design

Brand Experience

We have designed identity, that uses these symbols to designate elements important from the human being’s perspective, crucial to its emotions and experiences. This is how a system has been developed, that works equally well on printed materials, physical objects, digital products, photographs, clothing and interiors


The new version of Digibytz leaves no doubt about the values behind it and what allows its promise to be realized. We delivered a client centric brand with an engaging story.


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