About Project

It is always important to be a professional at work. We build logos which are elegant and brands which convey emotions.

Our Role:


NALVANAM is an indoor plant studio based on coimbatore with the tag of “Corporate Greenery” to create a frondescence environment. This plant studio is a gathering place for people who are as passionate and curious about plants, urban homesteading and innovative spaces. Nalvanam offers large variety of  Indoor Plants, Garden Consultation, plant cafe, Green sustainable corporate gifts & Gardening workshops to decorate your home and workspace environmentally and gracefully.

The Name

The name NALVANAM is originated from Tamil word, represents, Nal(Nalla) means Good and Vanam means forest or a large area covered chiefly with trees and plants. It is space to shop indoor plants in a friendly environment. Our goal is to develop a modern and luxuries brand icon for Nalvanam.

Nalvanam values represent

Brand Logo
The indoor plants into your living space you will begin to see upgrades to your wellbeing, positivity and overall happiness. The visual identity was inspired by the shape of the leaves, growing tree and home. Each of these symbols represents the unique natures of Nalvanam. The leaves structure used to represent the growth and the first two letters of brand name N and V forms the tree and house  that come onto our daily lives. The combination of all elements of the brand results in a solid and remarkable brand, with an optimistic feeling at its roots for Positivity and serenity.

Brand coloraturas

The Primary color

The logo colours are professional and express the nature of the brand, Nalvanam is originated from the green environment of forest. Seeing greenery and nature help us feel more relaxed and calm, which thus benefits your consistent mind-set. Here the primary color is green, it identifies the nature of the brand, and the secondary colors are based out from the primary color for a corporate characterisation. 

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Brand Experience

The brand Nalvanam designed with the symbol type, color and graphic as visual element of its belief and philosophy. Thus the customer is able to experience, feel and see the brand and their product throughout various applications.


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